Interview of employees: Dyddanwy Merch Evan

We regularly conduct interviews with employees so that they share their experiences within AIXIAL


Hello Dyddanwy, could you start by introducing yourself?

I am a 25-year-old Experienced Business Manager here at Aixial. Originally born in the UK, I grew up from an early age with my family in the south of France. By background is Master’s in Advanced Economics, for my first job I was looking for a challenge and I was intrigued by the position of Business Manager. I joined the Aixial Group in October 2019 as a Junior and over the past 2 years have been given the opportunity to grow and learn a lot.

Can you tell us what does your job consist of?

I am currently in charge of developing our activities within the US and UK market. Aixial group, already established within the pharmaceutical industry in different countries across Europe, I use our reputation in such countries to develop our activities specifically in the US and UK. I also recruit and manage consultants, who are experts in a number of domains within the clinical research field in order to work on innovative and international projects, in partnership with our clients.

Can you tell me about the evolution of your missions since the acquisition of Cmed Group?

Since CMED joining the Aixial group, my role is to identify different synergies where both Aixial and CMED are able to support one another. We both offer our clients an expertise within the clinical reach field and are complementary to one another, widening our range of intervention for our current and future client’s.  This also allows our consultants to have further opportunities in both professional growth and international projects. It is an exciting time to be part of the Aixial group!

What are the future projects for you within AIXIAL Group?

In the past two years, I have been able to move from a junior role to an experienced role. I have been faced with many challenges and novelties specific to either the UK or US market and learned much along the way. The next step would be for me to grow my own team, to have other business managers accompany me on the next steps of the Aixial Groups development, to solidify further our activities there. Our aim is to become the 1st mid-size CRO worldwide and see the UK and US become our biggest markets yet!

Interview conducted by Angélique Laquet, November 2021



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