Interview of employees: Galia

We regularly conduct interviews with employees so that they share their experiences within AIXIAL.


Hello Galia, can you tell us more about your professional background? 

Hello Angélique! I am an industrial pharmacist with a specialization in cosmetology and more specifically in cosmetic clinical studies. I joined Aixial right after my graduation as a cosmetic clinical project manager. In cosmetology I like the fact clinical studies are shorter than the pharmaceutical ones, results come quickly and the product is on the market within a few months. After 2 years in this position, I worked in the internal clinical operations for several months before my business manager told me about this mission at the Fondation Arthritis.

Can you tell us about your mission within the Fondation Arthritis? 

I am currently working in the Scientific Department of the Fondation as scientific project manager. My main project is BACK-4P, a research program on chronic low back pain. The aim is to develop a predictive algorithm to prevent long term disabilities and a coaching app for the patients to enhance the follow up and help them to keep physical activities in their daily routine. To reach these goals we need to enroll 5000 patients in our e-cohorte on ComPaRe (AP-HP clinical research platform).

Why did you volunteer for this mission? 

This mission was really challenging and meaningful. BACK-4P is a collaboration between AP-HP, CNRS, Inserm and the Fondation Arthritis. I never had the chance to manage such a big project before. What I also like was that the benefit for patient is really tangible, the application should be displayed in 2023 or 2024 if the clinical study shows good results.

What is the added value of AIXIAL in this sponsorship?

Initially the mission had also a cosmetic part (product development), that’s why it was presented to me. There is a big diversity of profiles among Aixial consultant. No matter the need of the client, this is easy to find the perfect match. In this case I had the double competence, a solid scientific background with a strong knowledge of industrial cosmetology.

What are the future projects? 

The Fondation Arthritis just launched their new calls for proposals. The applications are currently reviewed by the scientific committee and external reviewers. A lot of pretty innovative project were submitted, so choice will be difficult. I could give you some news about the chosen projects in a few weeks ! But now, if you want to learn more about the research projects supported by the Fondation or learn more about the Fondation, you can visit the website :

Interview conducted by Angélique Laquet, September 2021

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